The Rising of the Moon

About the Play

First Production

1907, Irish National Theatre

Cast Breakdown

On a moonlit night on an Irish wharf, an Irish police sergeant in the service of the occupying English government keeps watch for a clever escaped political criminal. While he searches, he meets a mysterious man who presses him about his life and love of country. 

About the Playwright

Lady Augusta Gregory
Lady Augusta Gregory
Isabella Augusta Persse was born on March 15, 1852, the youngest of sixteen children in her Irish family.  When she was twenty-eight years of age, she married Sir William Henry Gregory, thirty-five years her senior and a landowner and politician, which perhaps influenced Lady Gregory’s own engagement in politics later in her life.  They had one son together, and after her husband died in 1892, Lady Gregory began writing.  Soon after, she met William Butler Yeats with whom she would collaborate f…
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