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Play Library


He Brought Her Heart Back in a Box (2018)

Sleep Deprivation Chamber (1996)

Ohio State Murders (1990)

She Talks to Beethoven (1989)

A Movie Star Has to Star in Black and White (1976)

An Evening with Dead Essex (1973)

A Beast's Story (1969)

Lesson in a Dead Language (1968)

The Lennon Play: in His Own Write (1967)

A Rat's Mass (1966)

The Owl Answers (1965)

Funnyhouse of a Negro (1964)

Adrienne Kennedy

Akhnaton (1973)

Fiddler's Three (1972)

The Rule of Three (1962)

Afternoon at the Seaside (1962)

The Patient (1962)

The Rats (1962)

Go Back for Murder (1960)

Verdict (1958)

The Unexpected Guest (1958)

Towards Zero (1956)

Spider's Web (1954)

Personal Call (1954)

Witness for the Prosecution (1953)

The Mousetrap (1952)

The Hollow (1951)

Butter in a Lordly Dish (1948)

Three Blind Mice (1947)

Murder on the Nile (1946)

Appointment With Death (1945)

And Then There Were None (1943)

The Yellow Iris (1937)

Chimney's (1931)

Black Coffee (1930)

Agatha Christie

Walking Happy (1966)

The Long Dream (1960)

Look Homeward, Angel (1957)

Mr. Sycamore (1942)

Ketti Frings

The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window (1964)

A Raisin In The Sun (1959)

Lorraine Hansberry

Trouble In Mind (1955)

Florence (1950)

Alice Childress

The Immoralist (1954)

Ruth Goetz

Ladies' Voices (1951)

The Mother of Us All (1947)

Three Sisters Who Are Not Sisters (1943, score added 1968)

Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights (1938)

Four Saints in Three Acts (1928)

What Happened (1922)

Bon Annee (1922)

Tender Buttons (1914)

Gertrude Stein

Bye-Bye Brevoort (1948)

Eudora Welty

Voice in the Wilderness (1944)

Evelyn Keller Caldwell

Watch on the Rhine (1941)

The Little Foxes (1939)

The Children's Hour (1934)

Lillian Hellman

The Unconquered (1940)

Night of January 16th (1933)

Ayn Rand

It's Morning (1940)

Shirley Graham

Spunk (1935)

Color Struck (1926)

Sun Dried (1912)

Zora Neale Hurston

Nails and Thorns (1933)

Stragglers in the Dust (1930)

May Miller

Can You Hear Their Voices? (1931)

Hallie Flanagan

Blue-Eyed Boy (1930)

Safe (1929)

Plumes (1927)

Blue Blood (1926)

A Sunday Morning in the South (1925)

Georgia Douglas Johnson

The Purple Flower (1928)

Marita Bonner

Undertow (1927)

Eulalie Spence

Out of the Dark (1924)

Dorothy C. Guinn

The Importance of Being a Woman (1923)

A Little Journey (1919)

A Man's World (1909)

Rachel Crothers

They That Sit in the Darkness (1919)

Aftermath (1919)

Mary Powell Burrill

Mine Eyes Have Seen (1918)

Alice Dunbar Nelson

Grania (1912)

The Rising of the Moon (1907)

Lady Augusta Gregory

The First Actress (1911)

Christabel Marshall

Diana of Dobson's (1907)

Cicely Hamilton


The Crystal Spider (1892)


Cosmina (1840)

George Sand

Ernest Maltravers (1838)

Louisa Medina


The Witlings (1798)

Frances Burney

The Mystery (1790)

Jane Austen

De Monfort (1789)

Joanna Baillie

I'll Tell You What (1785)

Elizabeth Inchbald

Black Slavery, or the Happy Shipwreck (1780)

Olympe de Gouges

The Belle's Strategem (1780)

The Runaway (1776)

Hannah Cowley

The Adulateur (1773)

Mercy Otis Warren

The Wonder: A Woman Keeps a Secret (1714)

The Busy Body (1709)

Susanna Centlivre


Loa for the Auto Sacramental of The Divine Narcissus (1698)

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

The Innocent Mistress (1697)

The Spanish Wives (1696)

Mary Pix

The Emperor of the Moon (1687)

The Lucky Chance (1686)

The Rover, Parts One & Two (1677 & 1681)

Aphra Behn

Convent of Pleasure (1668)

Bell in Campo (1662)

Margaret Cavendish


Ordo Virtutum (c.1151)

Abbess Hildegard of Bingen


Sapientia (late 10th century)

Abraham (late 10th century)

Paphnutius (late 10th century)